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      Antique Rugs, Persian Rugs & Vintage Carpets - NYC's Premiere Oriental Rug Gallery

      Galerie Shabab, located in mid-town New York City, is a leading source of antique oriental rugs and decorative carpets.  We provide private clients, interior designers, and dealers the ultimate shopping experience through our commitment to integrity, professionalism and customer service.

      Our online rug gallery features an unparalleled selection of fine quality Persian rugs, oversize Turkish carpets, decorative Indian rugs, and distinctive Khotan rugs, along with Spanish, Bessarabian, Aubusson and Savonnerie carpets.  We also offer a large variety of vintage carpets, consisting of elegant Art Deco rugs, tribal Moroccan rugs, and mid-century rugs that embody abstract, modernist sensibilities.  Use our interactive rug search to explore our vast selection and discover the perfect rug.

      Once you have browsed our rugs online, contact Galerie Shabab's experienced sales staff to schedule a viewing or to arrange for a rug to be shipped to your home or a client's premises on approval.

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